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About Us


We collaborate with quality minded architects who draw and construct houses with a unique and attractive design as well as according to current building regulations. The building process should always start with a beautiful and functional design as the starting point!


We build and deliver our houses on a contract basis and usually with a single contract for each house. We take full responsibility for the house delivery, as agreed. No surprises and no hidden costs.


We mainly offer turnkey houses, which means that as a customer you get keys in your hand and can move in to a finished house with all the details and facilities in place when we are done with our delivery. It couldn't be easier!

House types

We mainly offer houses that will be used for permanent living and for example rental ("complementary housing") and therefore must meet special requirements. We can also offer simpler complementary buildings such as guest houses and then the requirements are milder.

Our team

Our team of construction leads and craftsmen have long experience, which makes the house delivery simple, fast and safe for you as a customer. We only work with the best suppliers and subcontractors in the industry.


We work with environmentally friendly and quality-assured materials and continuously monitor the quality in our own construction process. Important elements such as electrical installations, plumbing and wet room work are always made according to current building regulations.

How Does It Work

Here's how to build a house with us, step by step:

1. Select house

Select the house model above that meets your needs best. According to the delivery declaration, you get a first idea of what the house costs to build.

2. Evaluate any changes to the house

Contact us to discuss any changes based on the house design or the delivery declaration. Depending on the changes, the house price may be changed.

3. Evaluate the cost for foundation and connection of water, sewer and electricity

The cost depends on the foundation method (for example plinths) and the nature of the site (location, ground quality, slope, distance to connection points, etc.). We help with a quote on this work.

4. Sign an agreement

When all costs for the house construction are clear, we sign a purchase agreement where all the details regarding the house delivery are specified. This agreement also includes any services such as foundation works. When an agreement is signed, you will receive all house drawings required for the building application or building permit.

5. Apply for a building permit

Make an application (for Attefall houses) or apply for a building permit if required (for example for vacation houses) through your municipality. Here we or the architect will help if needed.

6. Order the house when the start message is received

When the start message is received from the municipality we can start producing the house, and you now get a date when the house should be finished.

7. Panteon Hus builds the house according to agreement

As the house is completed by us, partial payments are made according to an agreed payment plan.

8. The house is finally inspected

When the house is completed, it is inspected by an impartial surveyor. When the final inspection is approved, the house will be paid in full.

9. You can move in !

You can now move in or use the house as it was intended from the beginning.

Contact Us

Please contact us for further information about our houses. We are happy to offer a house based on your wishes.



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